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An Economic History of Europe Since 1700

Vera Zamagni

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320 pages | 234 x 156mm | May 2017


“A very good textbook. It is excellent at marrying historical narratives and economic history analyses. There is no text on the market that provides such a succinct overview.” – Giorgio Riello, University of Warwick


Vera Zamagni provides a new economic history of Europe from the birth of industrialization through to the financial crisis of 2007/08 and its aftermath. The remarkable story of European economic growth is set within the wider context of world economic progress and alongside developments in Asia, Eastern Europe and the United States to provide an up to date survey suitable for course use.

The book begins by outlining the economic landscape of the late middle ages before exploring the process of European industrialization that began with Europe’s first industrial nation, Britain. How the British model (particularly the role of the State within it) was replicated throughout Europe is examined. The reasons for the relative decline of the UK and the rise of the US and Japanese economies towards the end of the nineteenth century and the birth of global finance are explored. The economic impact of world war and revolution is assessed and the first global economic crisis investigated before Europe was plunged into war again. European reconstruction and integration is analysed alongside the decline of Russia and the rise of the Asian economies. The book ends with an assessment of the impact of the global crash of 2007/08 and the subsequent crisis of the Eurozone.

Throughout, the book reveals how the peculiarities of European civilization – its social and economic institutions and its values – triggered economic progress. That these same structures are now under threat makes Zamagni's history particularly pertinent.


1. The agricultural mercantilism of the middle ages
2. Citizens, trade and commerce
3. The first European industrial nation: Britain
4. The British model of industrialisation and the role of the state
5. European industrialisation
6. British decline and the emergence of the USA and Japan
7. Technology, socio-economic change and business
8. The international economy in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century: The Gold Standard and the evolution of finance
9. The social and economic consequences of the First World War: Europe and the USA
10. The Soviet Union, 1917–1941
11. The first international crisis
12. The 1930s and the Second World War
13. The social and economic consequences of the Second World War: Europe’s Reconstruction
14. The age of European growth and the return of instability
15. The process of European integration
16. The decline of Russia and the rise of Asia
17. The second international crisis and the limits of growth

Author Information

Vera Zamagni is Professor of Economic History at the University of Bologna, Italy. Her books include The Economic History of Italy, 1860–1990 (OUP, 1993) and Cooperative Enterprise: Facing the Challenge of Globalization (Elgar, 2011).

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