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The Italian Economy

Vera Zamagni

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ISBN 9781911116776
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200 pages | 210 x 148mm | July 2018
Series: World Economies


Vera Zamagni’s survey of the Italian economy and its modern history outlines its unique shape and structure. It examines the human factors that go to explain its strengths in social networks, “niche capitalism” and well-being indicators as well as its weaknesses shown in regional imbalances, political instability and, recently, financial services. The author explains how the contemporary economy is the result of the contours of a much longer history, of the country’s geography – low on natural resources but blessed with good weather and shipping opportunities – and more recent factors such as the changing profile of Italian demography and the country’s measured response to the challenges of migration. Drawing upon both conventional and heterodox approaches the book concludes with an assessment of the prospects for the Italian economy.

The book provides a concise overview suitable for students in politics, political economy, history and economics and for professionals looking to understand the nature of recent Italian economic performance.


1. Introducing the Italian economy
2. The Italian economic story, 1946–2016
3. Measuring the Italian economy
4. The form of the Italian economy
5. Human factors
6. Social factors

Author Information

Vera Zamagni is Professor of Economic History at the University of Bologna, and at SAIS Europe, the Johns Hopkins University (Bologna). Her books include The Economic History of Italy, 1860–1990 (OUP, 1993) and Cooperative Enterprise: Facing the Challenge of Globalization (Elgar, 2011).

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