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The Money Laundering Market
Regulating the Criminal Economy

Edited by Killian J. McCarthy

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ISBN 9781911116431
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ISBN 9781911116448
240 pages | 234 x 156mm | July 2018


An estimated $3.5 trillion passes through the market for money laundering annually. This represents 80% of the world’s illegal income. By ‘cleaning’ the ill-gotten gains of the criminal economy, money launderers keep crime profitable and illegal activities, including terrorist organizations, funded. Most countries have adopted anti-money laundering measures, but their implementation in a globalised world is patchy, and incentives to tackle this illegal activity vary widely from one location to another. This volume takes an integrated look at money laundering, by considering the laws, the launderers, and the new economics of money laundering in the digital age.


Part I: Money Laundering

1. Introduction
Svenja Berg, University of Groningen

2. Who supplies the market and do some states tolerate money laundering?
Killian J. McCarthy, University of Groningen

3. Money Laundering Regulation in Europe
Leonardo Borlini, Bocconi University

Part II: Weak Links in the Anti-Money Laundering Chain

4. The shadow banking system
Ulrich Andreas Zanconato, Credit Suisse, London

5. The betting and gambling market
Pim Verschuuren, Institut de Relations Internationales, France

Part III: Digital Currencies

6. Bitcoins and the digital economy
Danton Bryans, Brannon Sowers and Cracraft, USA

7. Cryptocurrency and crime
Lennart Ante, University of Hamburg

8. Utilizing blockchain technology to prosecute and prevent crime
Frank Steinmetz, University of Hamburg

Author Information

Killian J. McCarthy is Assistant Professor in the Department of Strategy and Innovation Management at the University of Groningen. He teaches and researches in the economics of strategy, innovation and organisation. He is co-editor of Understanding Mergers and Acquisitions in the Twenty-First Century (2012) and The Nature of the New Firm (2011).

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