Networked Global Financial Centres

Series Editor: Leslie Budd

Leslie Budd

Leslie Budd is Reader in Social Enterprise in the Centre for Public Leadership and Social Enterprise (PULSE) at The Open University Business School. He is also a member of the cross-faculty research centre, The Centre for Innovation Knowledge and Development (IKD). He has been Chair of the Regional Studies Association (2003–06) and was elected an Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences in 2004. He has authored and edited several books, including most recently, eGovernance: Managing or Governing? (co-editor) and e-Economy: Rhetoric or Business Reality? (co-editor).

Editorial Advisor
Ron Martin, University of Cambridge


Series Description

The recent financial crisis has demonstrated the interconnection and interdependence of the world’s financial centres. To understand the functioning of the financial system, its long history of speculative manias and financial panics, and the issues that precipitated the Great Recession, we need more than a mono-disciplinary approach. Far from being the preserve of economics alone, finance has anthropological, geographical, historical, social and political elements. The flows of financial and economic circuits are socio-spatial, happening between and within regions and nation-states with both cultural and policy implications.

The concentration of financial activity within a few cities of the world has persisted for centuries. However, the rapid growth of digital platforms has, in a short space of time, challenged traditional ways of trading and operating within these markets and is threatening the dominance of the biggest financial centres. The increasing importance of economic activities in the emerging markets is leading to a restructuring and reconfiguration of global financial activity.

This series will bring together interdisciplinary approaches to understand the complexities of the financial system – its agglomeration in certain urban centres and its evolution into an evermore complex network of relationships – to illuminate the often shrouded and obscure world of high finance.


Details of titles in this series to follow shortly.