To Nudge Or Not To Nudge?

This interactive exercise will examine your beliefs about nudging. There are 17 questions to complete, after which we'll analyse your responses and tell you how you got on.

A nudge can be defined as an intervention that preserves freedom of choice but which nonetheless influences a person's decision.

Thus, according to Cass R. Sunstein, "A reminder is a nudge; so is a warning. A GPS nudges; a default rule nudges. Disclosure of relevant information (about the risks of smoking or the costs of borrowing) counts as a nudge. Save More Tomorrow plans, encouraging employees to sign up to give some portion of their future earnings to 401(k) programs, are nudges. A recommendation is a nudge. A criminal penalty, a civil fine, and a subsidy are not nudges, because they impose significant material incentives on people’s choices."

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