China's Hong Kong *New Edition*

Tim Summers brings his analysis fully up to date and discusses the ramifications for the city of the mass demonstrations of 2019–20 and the intensifying confrontational politics that have culminated in China’s new national security law for Hong Kong.

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*Book of the Month* Outside the EU

As trade talks with the EU reach a critical point, just what are the UK's options? These essays offer expert insight into the scale and challenge of the practical issues facing Britain as it seeks to establish a new future with its largest trading partner.

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No More Mr Nice Europe

Read Hans Kribbe's article on Europe and the Strongmen in Politico Europe.

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Financial Times best books of 2020

Edward Luce, the FT's US national editor, chooses Eric Lonergan and Mark Blyth's Angrynomics as his book of the year.

Our 2020 books now available from JSTOR

We are pleased to announce that our 2020 titles are now available through the JSTOR platform, the digital library for scholars, researchers and students.

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2021 reading? Austerity

Boris Johnson has said that the UK government "has absolutely no intention of returning to the A word" but with the Covid-19 crisis set to take government debt levels to new heights, is a return to austerity measures inevitable?

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