Labour Regimes and Global Production

Edited by Elena Baglioni, Liam Campling, Neil M. Coe, Adrian Smith

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There has been a recent resurgence in interest in the theorization of labour regimes in various disciplines. This has taken the form of a concern to understand the role that labour regimes play in the structuring, organization and dynamics of global systems of production and reproduction. The concept has a long heritage that can be traced back to the 1970s and the contributions to this book seek to develop further this emerging field.

The book traces the intellectual development of labour regime concepts across various disciplines, notably political economy, development studies, sociology and geography. Building on these foundations it considers conceptual debates around labour regimes and global production relating to issues of scale, informality, gender, race, social reproduction, ecology and migration, and offers new insights into the work conditions of global production chains from Amazon's warehouses in the United States, to industrial production networks in the Global South, and to the dormitory towns of migrant workers in Czechia. It also explores recent mobilizations of labour regime analysis in relation to methods, theory and research practice.


1. Labour regimes and global production
Elena Baglioni, Liam Campling, Neil M. Coe and Adrian Smith

Part I: Antecedents
2. Gendered labour regimes in global production
Jennifer Bair

3. Grounding labour regime analysis in agrarian political economy
Jens Lerche

4. Modalities of labour: restructuring, regulation, regime
Jamie Peck

Part II: Theoretical and methodological developments
5. Exploitation and labour regimes: production, circulation, social reproduction, ecology
Elena Baglioni, Liam Campling, Alessandra Mezzadri, Satoshi Miyamura, Jonathan Pattenden and Benjamin Selwyn

6. Doing labour regimes research with large-scale surveys in Africa
Carlos Oya

7. Labour regimes and embodied labour
Sébastien Rioux

8. The continent of labour and uneven development: the making of transnational labour regimes in East Asia
Dae-oup Chang

9. Uneven despotization: labour regimes in global production
Stefanie Hürtgen

10. Labour regimes, social reproduction, and boundary-drawing strategies across the arc of US world hegemony
Kevan Harris and Phillip A. Hough

Part III: Doing labour regime analysis
11. National labour control regimes and worker resistance in global production networks
Mark Anner

12. Transnational private regulation and labour regimes in Indonesia and China
Tim Bartley and Neil M. Coe

13. International civil society organisations and the temporalities of labour regimes: a case study from the Bangladeshi apparel industry
Shyamain Wickramasinghe

14. Labour regimes and trade-based integration
Liam Campling, Adrian Smith and Mirela Barbu

15. The world is a warehouse: racialised labour regimes and the rise of Amazon’s global logistics empire
Jake Alimahomed-Wilson

16. The dormitory regime revisited: time in transnational capitalist production
Rutvica Andrijasevic

17. "Just-in-time" migrant workers in Czechia: racialisation and dormitory labour regimes
Hannah Schling

Conclusion: mapping a research agenda for labour regime analysis
Elena Baglioni, Liam Campling, Neil M. Coe and Adrian Smith

Author Information

Elena Baglioni is Senior Lecturer in Global Supply Chain Management at Queen Mary University of London.

Liam Campling is Professor of International Business and Development at Queen Mary University of London.

Neil M. Coe is Professor of Economic Geography at the National University of Singapore.

Adrian Smith is Professor of Human Geography at Queen Mary University of London.

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