Latin American Perspectives

Edited by Ronaldo Munck, Mariana Mastrangelo, Pablo Pozzi

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ISBN 9781788215985
£60.00  |  $90.00
ISBN 9781788215992
256 pages   |  234 x 156mm   |  31 March 2023


Populism has become one of the most overused terms in political discourse today. It can embrace authoritarian and nativist right-wing politicians but also those on the left who appeal for popular support for transformation. In its dominant usage it is seen as inimical to the values of liberal democracy. Yet others see it as part of the construction of a people-centered project that can realize true democracy. What is clear is that much of the debate around populism has been from the perspective of the global North and the voice of the South has been largely missing.

This volume contributes to the global debate on populism from a Latin American perspective. International debates have tended to simplify the Latin American experience, positing Peronism as a form of fascism and the left governments after 2000 as "populist" because they broke with austerity politics. It argues that Latin America in its rich and early experience of populism is a valuable laboratory to take our understanding forward and to address the question of whether populism now goes beyond the dichotomy of left and right and is a new political phenomenon.

The book presents a series of case studies with cross-cutting overview chapters that highlight the lessons to be learned from new research. Each chapter is set within a tight conceptual framework in order to better understand contemporary Latin American politics "after the pink tide" and to enrich the international debate on populism from a Latin American perspective.

Author Information

Ronaldo Munck is Head of Civic Engagement at Dublin City University and a Visiting Professor of International Development at the University of Liverpool and St. Mary's University, Nova Scotia. He has authored or edited more than 30 books on various topics related to globalization, international development and social movements, including Contemporary Latin America (third edition 2012).

Mariana Mastrangelo is Professor at Asociada Universidad Nacional de Chilecito, Argentina.

Pablo Pozzi is a Plenary Full Professor in the History Department of the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he holds the Chair in United States History.

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