Terrorist Financing

William Vlcek

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"A vitally important book. The author's longstanding expertise makes the analysis shrewd and authoritative, and anybody interested in the subject of terrorism should read this volume." – Richard English, author of Terrorism: How to Respond

"Vlcek effectively weaves together the many strands that make up the financial fight against terrorism. Along the way, he provides a much needed historical overview of a regime that shifted global politics far beyond 'just' the politics of terrorism, reaching deep into the regulatory systems of states and the personal lives of their citizens. I have a new book to add to my syllabus on illicit economies!" – Mark Nance, North Carolina State University

"An excellent book that breaks new theoretical ground and provides a wealth of new and important empirical data, which greatly enriches the field. Highly recommended for anyone interested in terrorism and counterterrorism studies specifically and international relations more generally." – Christian Kaunert, Dublin City University and University of South Wales


This clear and rigorous examination of the international efforts to combat the financing of terrorism is suitable for a range of courses in international relations, politics and global political economy. It provides a comprehensive examination of the post-9/11 efforts to counter financial support for terrorist actors, including the more recent challenges of non-cash payment technologies as well as how to combat the financing of terrorism in regimes where territories and populations are controlled, as in the case of Islamic State.


1. Foundation and origins
2. Terrorist financing in the twentieth century
3. In the aftermath of 9/11
4. Collective action against terrorist financing
5. Making CFT global
6. Dealing with new payment technologies
7. Islamic State and terrorist finance
8. Conclusion

Author Information

William Vlcek is Senior Lecturer in Global Political Economy at the University of St Andrews.

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