The Indian Economy

Matthew McCartney

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The Indian economy has undergone marked changes over recent decades encompassing episodes of rapid growth and stagnation. It is a complex economic story that stretches back to the seismic events of 1947.

This new title in the World Economies series explains the development of the Indian economy since independence and partition. The book explores the debates around India’s trajectory that have linked its varied history to the domination in policy-making of the interests of the industrial bourgeoisie, rich farmers and white-collar workers.

The book uses case studies of poverty and inequality, of education, health, work and gender issues to outline the human story behind the economic figures and performance indicators. The factors that have made India unique, such as its internal geography and languages, the significance of the service sector, the “democratic paradox of public service delivery” are explored in detail. India's demographic dividend of a young population is one factor indicating a bright economic future though its traditions and political structures remain the focus of intense debate.

Deep and wide-ranging but concise, this book provides a unique up-to-date overview of the contemporary Indian economy – and the reasons it has assumed its current form – that will be of great value to students, professionals and scholars needing an introduction to this most diverse of economies.


1. Introducing the Indian economy: culture, geography and colonialism
2. The Indian economic story since 1947: growth and stagnation
3. Measuring the Indian economy
4. The form of the Indian economy
5. Human factors in the Indian economy
6. Making the Indian economy unique
Conclusion: prospects for the Indian economy

Author Information

Matthew McCartney is Director of the Contemporary South Asian Studies Programme and Associate Professor in the Political Economy and Human Development of India at the University of Oxford. His books include Economic Growth and Development: A Comparative Introduction (2015); Pakistan: The Political Economy of Growth, Stagnation and the State, 1951–2008 (2011); and India: The Political Economy of Growth, Stagnation and the State, 1951–2007 (2009).

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