A Feminist Political Economy for an Inclusive and Sustainable Society

Diane Perrons, Sigrid Stagl

£25.00  |  $35.00
ISBN 9781788210744
£25.00  |  $35.00
ISBN 9781788210751
160 pages   |  216 x 138mm   |  16 December 2021


Diane Perrons and Sigrid Stagl combine feminist and critical environmental economics perspectives to develop a critique of the free market growth model and offer new ideas for a more sustainable gender equitable model of development in the interests of all.

They consider how the free market model has performed in relation to a range of societal goals and show how the free market perspective is tied up with an androcentric understanding of the economy which overlooks the role of social reproduction. Building on the work of Karl Polanyi and Nancy Fraser they develop a single framework for understanding the crises in nature, social reproduction and finance facing us today and consider the limits of a market society and the alternatives for a progressive economic policy.

The book makes an important contribution to the critique of neoliberal economics and identifies pathways of development which promise more gender equitable, environmentally and socially sustainable alternatives within radically reformed capitalist economies as well as more utopian alternatives beyond capitalism.

Author Information

Diane Perrons is Professor of Economic Geography and Gender Studies in the Gender Institute at the London School of Economics. Her books include Gender, Migration and Domestic Work (with Majella Kilkey and Ania Plomien) (2013) and Globalisation and Social Change (2004).

Sigrid Stagl is Professor of Environmental Economics and Policy and Director of the Institute of Ecological Economics at Vienna University of Economics and Business.

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