Negotiating Our Economic Future

Trade, Technology and Diplomacy

Geoffrey Allen Pigman

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224 pages   |  234 x 156mm   |  30 September 2020


Tariffs and trade barriers are rising and major diplomatic institutions that have promoted liberal trade for decades have come under attack as impending trade wars threaten global trade and global value chains for manufacturing weaken. And at the root of this crisis, argues Geoff Pigman, is accelerating technological change.

This book traces the impact of today’s major technological transformations on global trade and the diplomacy that makes trade possible. Not only is global trade changing, in terms of what is traded and how, but diplomacy in the digital age is changing as well. Arguing that we must think differently about trade and diplomacy, this book proposes pragmatic policy approaches for the diplomatic management of a challenging and potentially dangerous future.


1. Crises in trade and diplomacy
2. Digital is making us rethink global trade
3. Technological transformation, the global economy and capitalism
4. Diplomacy and trade in an age of humans and intelligent machines
5. Big Government meets Big Tech: states, firms and diplomacy
6. Policy proposals for a human future
7. How soon is now?

Author Information

Geoffrey Allen Pigman is a consultant on global strategy, trade, and political economy issues. He is Associate Researcher in the University of Lausanne's Global Sport and Olympic Studies Center. His books include The World Economic Forum (2006) and Contemporary Diplomacy (2010).

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