Cultural Economics

Christiane Hellmanzik

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Cultural Economics investigates and analyses the contribution to and role of the creative industries and their products and services in the overall economy. From the performance arts to television, from the internet to paintings and publishing, the creative industries can be goods or services that are both public and private, protected by copyright, consumed, created, auctioned and susceptible to fashion and technological development.

In this fascinating introduction to the field, Christiane Hellmanzik unpacks the complexity of the issues at stake and through the careful use of case studies illuminates the challenges that the creative industries present for economic analysis. Topics covered include the demand for culture, investment, the superstar theory and the impact of globalization and the internet on markets and industrial models.


1. Introduction to cultural economics
2. Markets, prices and agents
3. Society and culture
4. Demand for culture
5. Artists, superstars and creativity
6. Quality in the arts and culture
7. The organization of cultural industries
8. The impact of the Internet
9. Globalization

Author Information

Christiane Hellmanzik is Professor of Urban, Regional and International Economics at the Technical University of Dortmund, Germany, and a Board member of the Association of Cultural Economics.

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