Cultural Economics

Christiane Hellmanzik

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The cultural industries and their products and services make a significant contribution to the global economy and are seen as strategic sectors for sustainable economic growth. However, industries such as art, design, film, music, performing arts, publishing, television and radio, present particular challenges for economic analysis. They can be goods or services that are both public and private, protected by copyright and freely available, consumed and created, as well as susceptible to fashion and technological development.

In this fascinating introduction to the cultural economy, Christiane Hellmanzik examines the market for creative work and reveals the economic relationships between human creativity, intellectual property and technology. Through the careful use of case studies, the book explores the core economic considerations such as supply and demand, competition and pricing, alongside macro trends such as globalization, digitalization and the internet, which are changing the industry’s business models.


1. Introduction to cultural economics
2. Markets, prices and agents
3. Society and culture
4. Demand for culture
5. Artists, superstars and creativity
6. Quality in the arts and culture
7. The organization of cultural industries
8. The impact of the Internet
9. Globalization

Author Information

Christiane Hellmanzik is Professor of Urban, Regional and International Economics at the Technical University of Dortmund, Germany, and a Board member of the Association of Cultural Economics.

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