The Runnymede Series on Race, Economy and Society

Series Editor: Omar Khan

Omar Khan is Director of the Runnymede Trust, the UK's foremost race equality think tank. He is also chair of Olmec, chair of the Ethnicity Strand Advisory Group to Understanding Society, chair of the advisory group of the Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity at the University of Manchester, and a Commissioner on the Financial Inclusion Commission. He has been a Governor at the University of East London and a Clore Social Leadership Fellow.

He has published many articles and reports on political theory and British political history for Runnymede over the past decade and has spoken on topics such as multiculturalism, integration, socio-economic disadvantage, and positive action, and has given evidence to the United Nations, the European Parliament, and on Capitol Hill, Washington. He has a DPhil in Political Theory from the University of Oxford, a Masters in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a Masters in South Asian Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

Series Description

In order to overcome racial inequality, we need to understand and tackle its causes rather than simply legislate for its consequences. In the twenty-first century, racism continues to divide, exclude and impoverish communities on a daily basis and with occasional devastating consequences. Black and ethnic minority community members are discriminated against in education, health care, the job market, housing and asset wealth not to mention in the criminal justice system. Government policies frequently have disproportionate consequences for BME communities and perpetuate the pernicious inequalities and injustice that have become entrenched in already deeply divided and unequal societies, such as the United States and the UK.

This series of books seeks to shine a light on the empirical and theoretical research that exposes the role of race and racism in the shaping of our political, social and economic social fabric. It will analyze, critique and develop policy responses to the problems that face contemporary multi-ethnic societies throughout the world. Authors will draw from their expertise in political studies, sociology, economics and related social sciences to interrogate and challenge social stratification according to race.

For further details, or to discuss submitting a proposal, please contact the series editor or the publisher, Alison Howson

Editorial Board

Gurminder Bhambra, University of Sussex
Robbie Shilliam, Johns Hopkins University, USA

Series Titles