Understanding Europe: The Council for European Studies book series

Series Editor: Mark Vail

Mark Vail is Worrell Chair of Politics and International Affairs at Wake Forest University. Until 2020, he was Professor of Political Science and a Fellow at the Murphy Institute of Political Economy at Tulane University.

Series Description

In support of its mission to produce, support, and recognize outstanding, multi-disciplinary research on Europe through a wide range of programmes and initiatives, the Council for European Studies has launched a new book series that will publish research-based work on all aspects of European Studies. Under the editorial guidance of Professor Mark Vail, the series will mirror the CES’s commitment to supporting research that plays a critical role in understanding and applying the lessons of European history and integration to contemporary problems, including those in the areas of global security, sustainability, environmental stewardship, and democracy.

The books in the series will consist of both authored and edited books that contribute to our understanding of contemporary Europe, its nation states, institutions and societies. Multidisciplinary and inclusive, the series will publish important and challenging work from established and new scholars alike.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for consideration or in discussing an idea that you might be interested in developing, please contact Alison Howson, alison.howson@agendapub.com, publisher at Agenda, in the first instance.

Editorial Board

Jean Beaman, University of California, Santa Barbara
Sara De Jong, University of York, UK
Chris Howell, Oberlin College
Thomas Oatley, Tulane University
Kaija Schilde, Boston University
Sarah Wiliarty, Wesleyan University

Series Titles