Urban Worlds

Series Description

Urban areas are dynamic spaces where people come together in close proximity to live, work, learn, travel and be entertained. They are also places of great contrast and extremes as demonstrated by inequalities in health, wealth, access and inclusion, among others. Moreover, the vulnerability of urban areas and their populations to the effects of natural hazards and climate change means that there is much to consider in terms of adaptation and responses to these crises. At this time of enormous global changes within urban areas and the urbanization process itself Urban Worlds explores the dynamics of change in space, time and place within urban areas, including those in the Global South.

Books may have a theoretical or methodological focus; they may interrogate the issues or processes of change themselves; or they may be led by policy and governance. Whatever the approach, each work will challenge assumptions and offer fresh insights. The series is aimed at graduate students, academics and urban practitioners in different fields concerned with urban and regional issues such as human geography, sociology, urban studies; urban planning and design, architecture, anthropology, policy studies, politics and political economy.

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Series Titles