The Economy Key Ideas

Series Description

This series of short primers seeks to introduce students to the core concepts, theories and models, both new and established, heterodox and mainstream, contested and accepted, used by economists and political economists to understand and explain the workings of the economy.

The books are aimed primarily at undergraduates with little familiarity with economic theory, but who need to orientate themselves in a social science landscape susceptible to fashion, prone to jargon, and thick with competing concepts, theories and methodologies. They will also be welcomed by more experienced readers needing authoritative access to a subject for the first time.

Each book takes a single idea and

  • offers a careful and rigorous exposition of what it is and how it is used
  • explains its origin (including its debt to other theory) and evolution
  • assesses its explanatory impact and function within economics
  • explores differences in approach and emphasis between theorists
  • considers limitations, critiques and possible future development

Books are 40,000 words including a critical and annotated guide to further reading.

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Series Titles